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Paunescu George Cristian is a Thief

We hope he will not be successful in tricking any other backers in the future.

We staked Paunescu George Cristian also known as Pino (age 35) born June 2nd 1982 with the screen names platin32 on Pokerstars, platin33 on and platin32 on The stake began on June 24, 2015. He started out with almost 9,000USD profit over the first year but then lost over the next 5 months, going into 8,748.09USD makeup with an additional 5,963USD of loans. He finally had three big scores in December 2016 totalling 32k and instead of paying back his debts (loans multiplied by 2 + makeup) which totalled 20,674.09USD he ran off with all the money for himself.

Paunescu George Cristian is obviously a thief and should not be trusted by any backer. What’s most surprising, is he was willing to humiliate himself as a thief among a group of his personal friends and poker peers in Romania.

Be aware of Paunescu

because if necessary Paunescu will likely continue to try to steal anyone’s money for personal gain

Anyone who asssts in recovering the stolen money will receive 20% of the amount recovered. ID: muppets
Phone number: +40732616592


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